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You’re busy.  You don’t have time to engage a staffing firm just to send you resumes – anyone can do that.  You want results.  So we’re not going to waste your time with half-read, unqualified resumes that our interns cherry-picked from job boards.  Don’t get us wrong, we wade through thousands of resumes every week.  Our offices, home offices, and cars are FULL of them.  One of our guys even keeps a fresh stack in his bathroom… literally.  

Whether you’re in need of a consultant, contract-to-hire, or direct hire/full-time employee – we’ll handle it.  If you need a programmer, systems administrator, or a critical member of your technical leadership team – TripleScreen will deliver.   Most firms stop after just a screen or two – or worse, don’t even speak to their candidates before sending you their resumes.  We take the extra steps to achieve a long lasting employer/employee relationship.  We meet with you on a regular basis to discuss regional market conditions, salary ranges, and honest, unabridged feedback concerning the appeal of your company & job opportunities.  We let you know what the market is saying about you – the good….and the bad. We’ve learned successful hiring is an ever-evolving process and we guarantee that if you stick with us, you’ll get the results you’ve been begging for.

Proof is in the pudding

Our process is efficient and effective. It is designed to accommodate any type of search assignment. If you think we’re all talk, our numbers will back us up here.

Of resumes submitted


Result in interviews

Average # of Days


To receive an on-target resume

% of annual placements


Full -time vs. contract/c2H

Formula for success / What is a TripleScreen?

We know the right steps to find your un-findable candidate.  It’s been proven time and time again.  All that’s missing from this equation is you.

The 3 Screen™

An all-encompassing, three-part process used to narrow down the right position for the right job applicant, developed exclusively by the managing partners at TripleScreen. All of our recruiters assess potential discordance between the candidate and the company using a series of three, progressively intrinsic filters.

You need a what? No problem. View Job Titles

We’ve had our fair share of purple unicorn requests. But our comprehensive database of local candidates, which we’ve painstakingly built and cataloged over the years, one by one, always seems to yield positive results.  Just tell us what you need, and let our staff do what they were born to do.

Web Developer, Project Manager, DBA QA Tester, Data Architect, Business Analyst, CTO/CIO BI/Reporting Analyst, Scrum Master, ETL Developer, UX Designer, Build Engineer Mobile Developer, Security Engineer, Software Manager, PC Support, Network Administrator, Technical Writer
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