Find Your Sweet Spot

Our goal is to find you the perfect place to grow your career, learn new skills, earn more money, and minimize your commute. This is what we’ve done for thousands of people just like you. We have relationships with companies & hiring managers that date back to when computers were the size of a Buick. And we’ve never lifted our fingers off the pulse of our buzzing IT community, so we’ve never missed a beat.

We’re also not afraid to talk openly with you. Sure – we’ll tell you all the great things about our clients, since we only align ourselves with the best, but we’ll also give you the inside scoop and tell you the important stuff you won’t find on their website. And we’ll provide honest, timely feedback so that you stay as informed as we are. We try to put ourselves in your shoes, so anything less is unacceptable.

Whether you’re looking for a short term contract, a “test the waters” contract-to-hire situation, a partial telecommute option, or a full-time/permanent position where you can really hang your hat, TripleScreen works hard to do right by you.

What's your passion?

We’re interested in what interests YOU. It’s simple. When you’re hyped about what you do, you do it well. And when you do it well, good things happen. We’re in the business of making good things happen.

  • Java
  • AWS
  • C#
  • Big Data
  • SQL-Server
  • .Net
  • Automation
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Linux
  • Oracle
  • Scala
  • Mobile
  • Agile
  • Cisco
  • HTML
  • Informatica
  • MySQL
  • Data Science
  • ESB
  • Ruby
  • Sharepoint
  • Azure
  • PHP
  • Clojure
  • Machine Learning

Location, Location, Location!

Are you frustrated by an Inbox brimming with enticing job prospects that turn out to be located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re not the regional office of a nameless staffing giant. Nope, we’ve got more than enough exciting clients right here in the Delaware Valley. We’re locals too. We can get you set up somewhere that’s exciting AND close to home. We’ll even let you in on some choice spots to grab a drink and some grub.


PA Pennsylvania Territory

Keystone State


NJ New Jersey Territory

Garden State


DE Delaware Territory

First State

We’re into long term relationships

We’ve got the skills and the experience on our side to get you where you need to be. And once we find you somewhere you can call home, there’s a very good chance you’ll stick around, and maybe even start getting mail there. There may even be a few extra bucks in your pocket too!

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