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Mike Butti
Turn OFF the high beams!
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Turn OFF the high beams!

Turn OFF the high beams! Featured Image

So, I’m driving home last night, and after being blinded by someone’s high beams, I thought - why do we really need high beams? It’s because we’re worried something “bad” or treacherous may lie on the road ahead - right?

Well, if there’s something my 20+ years in staffing has taught me, it’s that in the car ride we call “life,” we should really turn OFF the high beams and worry about the road 5 feet ahead of us - and that’s IT. Shit changes WAY too quickly in this world. In my mind, when you’re contemplating a new job/career change, there’s 1 thing, and 1 thing only to worry about. “Where will I be if I stay HERE 1-2 years?” vs. “Where will I be if I go THERE in 1-2 years?” It’s literally that simple. Tune out all the other bullshit and focus on the bigger picture - trust me.

Companies merge/get bought & sold every single day, managers and reporting structures change at the drop of a hat, culture changes (quickly) with the +/- of new employees, and most importantly, people (YOU) change! Ever see “War of the Roses?” Exactly. Stop making this harder than it needs to be!

I’ve helped build/expand so many organizations over the years, with some of the most amazing, talented, rock solid employees & teams, only to see them later get dismantled like a stolen car, via mergers, dissolution, change in mgmt., or a pivot in business model. All KINDS of shit CAN and WILL happen that you’re not even thinking about and that you have ZERO control over. How you fit in today WILL be very different than how you fit in tomorrow (sometimes better than we think, sometimes worse).

So - STOP “driving” with your crazy! Just turn OFF your high beams and worry about the 1-2 years right in front of you. You may just decide to stop at a rest stop or go left instead of right along the way.

Get after it -


Michael J. Butti hails from the Philadelphia suburbs, and is a highly regarded technology staffing expert, who has helped companies large & small solve their most complex staffing problems and has helped shape the Delaware Valley technology landscape since 1997. Michael is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of TripleScreen Search & Staffing, based in Downingtown, PA.

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